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Welcome to koi-kote - the alternative pond liner for koi carp and other pond fish
Aquakote Systems Ltd - owners of Koi-Kote, totally understand pond lining problems. Our engineers have vast experience of protecting tanks and ponds world-wide. We have combined this experience to bring Koi-Kote, an odourless, rapid cure pond lining system.
Koi-Kote is a revolutionary liner and sealer for concrete ponds. It is a completely solvent free coating making it a totally safe environment for Koi Carp and all other types of fish.

Ideal for use as a seamless lining for ponds, filters, holding tanks, fish breeding units, water features and storage vessels.

pond coated with koi-kote (featured at the Chelsea Flower Show)  click here for further details


koi-kote is the perfect winter refurbishment product as it can be applied in low temperatures and in damp conditions.  You could drain 70% of the water in the pond to coat the upper half with koi-kote
koi-kote base coat being applied
koi-kote top coat is then applied as a different colour to the base coat to ensure the total area is coated evenly and then left to harden (cure)
job done! ready to add your koi carp or other pond life
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please coat my new home with koi-kote